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XM Radio - The Village

The Village is an XM Satellite Radio channel playing folk music 24/7. You can listen on channel 15 on XM, and on Sirius internet radio channel SIR-8.  The music ranges from traditional to contemporary folk and singer/songwriters.  We're in the processing of finding out which DJs played songs from "Broken Cookies" on XM so we can thank them.  Annie's CD received quite a chunk of airplay which showed up on her ASCAP statements.  THANK YOU!!!!

KDHX FM 88.1 - Host, Stacy

St. Louis, MO
Saturday at 9:00am CST (one hour earlier than EST)
A mix of folk, singer-songwriter and Americana, all found along the backroads
"Broken Cookies"

KOPN 89.5 FM, Host, Steve Jerrett, Music Director

Sunday Morning Coffee House
Columbia,  MO
9am - noon Sunday Central Time

"One Planet At A Time"

KRCC 91.5 FM, Stephen D. Harris, Host

Grass Roots Revival
Colorado Springs, CO/Pueblo, NM
also on KECC 89.1 FM La Junta, NM
Wednesday, 8:00-10:00pm (Mountain Time, 2 hours behind Eastern Standard Time)

KRFC, Steve Brockway, Host

The Folk Show
Fort Collins, CO
10am-noon on Sunday, Mountain Time
"One Planet at a Time", "Talking With Absent Friends"

KUSU, Blair Larsen Host, Fresh Folk

Fresh Folk, on KUSU/Utah Public Radio, 8pm Saturday. Also in podcast, or archived in mp3 format.
"Egyptian Cotton"

KVMR, John Rumsey, Host

Four Strong Winds
Nevada City, CA
10am to Noon, Wednesdays (Pacific Time - 3 hours behind E.S.T.)
"Broken Cookies," "One Planet at a Time"
John emailed to say," Got a call from a listener who told me ‘Broken Cookies’ brought back some happy memories from his child hood."

KZUM 89.3FM - Host Deb Andersen

The Wimmin's Show airs from 11am-1pm every Sunday on KZUM 89.3FM from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Host Deb Andersen began her May 8, 2011 program with "Talking With Absent Friends" and "If It Ain't True" from Annie's "Broken Cookies" CD.  THANKS, DEB!

CLICK HERE for a live streaming broadcast.

NEWSWEEK ON AIR, David Alpern and Carrie Nolan, Hosts

The satellite radio program of Newsweek Magazine
Broadcasting from New York, NY
Saturdays 9 p.m., Sundays 6 a.m.
(All shows archived in podcasts.)
The September 20, 2009 broadcast featured "One Planet At A Time," introducing good news:  headlines about big corporations who are taking steps to protect and preserve our environment. CLICK LINK ABOVE TO HEAR THE PODCAST.  JUST WANT TO HEAR THE PART WITH ANNIE'S SONG?  CLICK HERE.

NHPR, The Folk Show, Kate McNally, Host

Annie Dinerman was one of four songwriters interviewed on January 23, 2011 by Kate McNally on New Hampshire Public Radio.  The songwriters sang in the studio, and talked about making music for social change.  PIctured from L-R are Erik Balkey, Eugene Ruffolo, Arlon Bennett and Annie Dinerman.  All four are past finalists of the Music2Life Songwriting Competition sponsored by Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul and Mary).  The interview was broadcast on January 30, 2011. 

Kate McNally hosts The Folk Show, broadcasting and streaming on Sunday nights from 7 to 10 pm E.S.T.  LISTEN to The Folk Show streaming on your computer.  CLICK HERE, THEN CLICK LISTEN.

To find a station where you can hear this program, CLICK HERE.

WBAI 99.5 FM, David Kenney, Host

Everything Old Is New Again
New York, NY
Sundays 9:00PM-11:00PM Eastern Standard Time (All shows archived)
American Songbook and other delights, celebrating the quirky individuality of entertainers
"Talking With Absent Friends," "If It Ain't True," "Stole My Soul"

On 7/1/12, David once again played "Talking With Absent Friends," this time in a program of songs about New York, along with songs written by Phoebe Snow and Joni Mitchell.  As always, thank you, David!

WDCE 90.1 FM, Michael Chenault, Host

All-Most Folk
Richmond, VA
"My Ex-Boyfriend," "Broken Cookies," "One Planet At A Time"

WEFT 90.1 FM, Dave Witzany, Host

Champaign-Urbana, IL
"We're Only In It for the Music”, Variety Music, Fridays, 6-8pm
"My Ex-Boyfriend" and "Broken Cookies"

Dave is active in the local music community, hosting concerts and showcases.
Thanks, Dave!

WEFT 90.1FM, Kitten, Host

Community Radio, central Illinois
1:00 - 2:30 p.m., CST, on Sundays
Womyn Making Waves is one of the longest running shows on WEFT and it is devoted to music by women, and to the women's community.

"One Planet At A Time"
Women hold up half the sky! Thanks!

WERU-FM 89.9 FM, Matthew Baya, Host

Saturday Morning Coffee House, Blue Hill Maine, Saturdays at 6-10am.
"One Planet At A Time"

Thanks, Matthew!

WFDU, Ron Olesko and Bill Hahn, Hosts

Teaneck, NJ, broadcasting from Fairleigh Dickinson campus
Sundays 3:00PM to 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time
Ron Olesko wrote liner notes for Annie's BROKEN COOKIES CD.
Bill Hahn was the first to play "One Planet At A Time" on the air.

Ron, thanks for playing my song on Earth Day!

WFMT, 98.7 FM, Rich Warren, Host

The Midnight Special
Chicago, IL - Syndicated on XMRadio
Saturday 9:00PM Midnight, Central Standard Time
"One Planet At A Time"

WFUV, Bob Sherman, Host

Woody’s Children
New York, NY, Sundays 4-5 PM E.S.T.Host Bob Sherman has authored several books on Classical music, which he co-wrote with Victor Borge. A fun and interesting mix, and a great time of the week to relax and discover new music you'll like. He's played many cuts from the "Broken Cookies" CD, including "the title song and "One Planet At A Time".

WFUV, John Platt, Host

Sunday Breakfast, New York, NY
Sunday 8:00-11:00a.m. E.S.T.

A mellow mix of cool theme shows, new discoveries and traditional favorites. Perfect with pancakes.  "One Planet at a Time" and “Shores of Egypt.”  And John played "One Planet at a Time" again on Earth Day.  THANKS, JOHN!

WIUP-FM 90.1, Jim Rogers, Producer/Host

Modern Troubadours
Indiana, PA, serving the Pittsburgh area
Saturday 9am-11am Central Time

Jim has Saturday morning sewn up until noon. He produces and hosts four specialty shows related to Folk Music genres, lots of new and old music to discover here.

"Broken Cookies," "One Planet At A Time," Big Dog"

Jim, thanks for playing my music, and especially on Earth Day!
And thanks for playing "Big Dog" AGAIN on 1/19/13!

WJFF, Angela Page, Host

Folk Plus
Jeffersonville, NY
Angela's shows are put together very thoughtfully.  Listen and relax while you're making Saturday brunch and avoiding doing the laundry.  Saturdays from 11am to 1pm E.S.T.  All shows archived

"One Planet At A Time" "My Ex-Boyfriend"

WMCB 107.9 LPFM, Diane Crowe, Host

Music Of The People
Greenfield, MA
Monday 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Political Folk music by independent singer/songwriters, who are not aired on commercial radio stations. Diane keeps playing "One Planet At A Time."  Thanks!!!

"Broken Cookies"
"One Planet At A Time"

WMRW-FM, Nellson Moore, Host

WMRW, Warren, VT.  Live Streaming.  "Independent as a Hog On Ice" This community radio station is connected to its community, offering opportunities to volunteer, or to host your own radio show.  Nellson has been a soul music performer and knows what it takes to get up there and put a tune over to your audience.

Nellson played “A King and a Hero”.  Thanks, Nellson!

WNEC 91.7FM, Jon 'Chip' Colcord, Host

Out Of The Woods
Henniker, NH, broadcasting from New England College campus
Friday 6:00 to 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

WNYC - Jonathan Schwartz, host - Frank's Place

Jonathan often plays recordings of my songs, "The Lady Down The Hall" and "Child In Me Again", as sung by the late Nancy LaMott.  Thanks so much, Jonathan, for playing "The Lady Down The Hall" once again on 5/20/12.

Jonathan's on the air weekends at noon on 93.9 FM in New York City.  The Sunday Show is simulcast on WNYC and the '40s on 4 channel on Sirius XM.

WPKN-FM 89.5 and 88.7 Amazon Radio, Pamela Smith, Host

Pamela Smith's show streams live on 89.5 FM from Bridgeport, CT and 88.7 FM from Montauk, Long Island, NY, and also on the internet.  She plays "Women's Music for all who color outside the lines!"  She also gave airplay to Annie's first CD.  Thanks, Pamela!

"One Planet At A Time"

WRFG 89.3 FM, Harlon Joye, Host

Fox’s Minstrel Show
Atlanta, GA

Harlon Joye has played Broken Cookies and Stole My Soul (4/14/13), both from Annie's "Broken Cookies" CD.  Thank you, Harlon, for sharing Annie's music with your Fox's Minstrel Show radio audience.


WRPI, Mike Doo, Host

WRPI in Troy, New York is the radio station of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Mike Doo was Urban Music Director in the Fall of 2009, in the months before BROKEN COOKIES was released.  Annie appeared on his show and sang "Egytian Cotton".  Albany musician Harry Strohl, bassist of the Roots Rock band The Tern Rounders, played lead guitar.

WSHU, Walt Graham, Host

Fairfield, CT
Saturday 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

WSPN, Chris McGill, Host

Saratoga Springs, NY
Sunday 9:00am to Noon, broadcasting from Skidmore Campus
A lot of Folk, a bit of Bluegrass, a hint of Blues

WTSR 91.3FM, Peter Kernast, Host

Legacy with John Bates & Pete Kernast (Folk, Roots, World) broadcasts from The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ on Mondays 6:00-9:00pm E.S.T.
"Broken Cookies"

WYSO, Norm Whitman, Host

Yellow Springs, OH
Saturday 1:00pm to 3:00pm
An eclectic mix of Celtic, Folk, Singer-songwriter, Old Time, Early Country
"Broken Cookies", "Talking With Absent Friends", "One Planet At A Time"

Norm just keeps playing "One Planet At A Time." Thanks so much, Norm!