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93.7 Express FM, Russell Hill, Host

Russell Hill's Country Music Show
93.7 Express FM

1/9/11 "My Ex-Boyfriend" and "Talking With Absent Friends"

2/2/2/14 "My Ex-Boyfriend" and "Talking With Absent Friends"

Thanks, Russell!  Russell also gave Annie's "Broken Cookies" CD a fine review with 4 out of 5 stars.

Gemini Sounds Radio, Addy K, Host

Cannock, Midlands, United Kingdom
Sunday morning 10am-1pm UK time and Tuesday 3-5pm UK time

Listen on shoutcast, join the virtual studio at (once in, click on tools and radio), or at the website.
One of the few licensed Digital Radio Stations on the internet today, Gemini Sounds Radio boasts an ever growing listener base broadcasting to over 120 countries worldwide, and 20 plus Presenters worldwide based with an extremely large and varied mix of music.

Online Folk Festival, Greg Grant, Host

Columbus, OH-based Freeform Internet folk radio for the masses, a looped, streaming Internet-only folk radio station hosted by

"Egyptian Cotton," "My Ex-Boyfriend," "One Planet At A Time"

Tell Them Country, Charles Haskell, Host

Two of my songs were posted here. at this UK site, at the suggestion of Russell Hill of Maverick Magazine.

Charles Haskell's fun webpage lets you request my songs by selecting "Choose A Song." Type in "Annie Dinerman," then select your player (iTunes or other).  You'll hear the music streaming for free.  It's easy!

Tell Them Country also offers interviews, reviews (by Russell Hill), YouTube links and recommended tracks.  It's a cool way to hear the songs you like and discover new music.  Thank you, Russell and Charles!

"Talking With Absent Friends", "My Ex-Boyfriend"

WGOE, Michael Chenault, Host

"All-Most Folk"
Richmond, VA

My Ex-Boyfriend, Broken Cookies, One Planet At A Time (from Broken Cookies CD)
Single Woman, The Lady Down The Hall (from Annie's first CD)