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Dennis - Knippen

June 22, 2013

your song "Hot On The Heels" is forever engraved in my brain!

Kelly Anne

March 6, 2013

Found your site on a blog and love "My ExBoyfriend." It not only resonates with me and a past relationship, but it's a happy, fun song! I love it and look forward to listening to your other tunes! Thanks, Annie!!!

Robbi Sommers Bryant

May 12, 2011

My, my, my--I'm very proud of you. You probably have no idea who I am. We knew each other in the old days. Robbi Lewis? You can check me out at Hope all is well. Get in touch with me.


December 30, 2010

Hey Annie, love the songs, especially 'One Planet at a Time.' Thanks again for your help out of Penn Station!

Fred Rife

June 18, 2010

Caught your "One Planet At A Time". Sounds great and I guess you get this a lot: You seem like a down to earth girl.

PJ DeGenaro

February 10, 2009

Hi Annie! This is a beautiful web site and I'm glad to see you're doing what you love.

Bart Midwood

September 16, 2008

lady down the hall is one of the best most heartbreaking most beautiful most lovely most inteilligently wrought songs
I ever heard -- bravo, annie -- from an old, old guy

Bruce C. Meyer

September 11, 2008

Hi Annie. Love the website, love your web presence. I just ordered your 1001 online... Love to hear from you sometime. See if you can hit the Boston/Cambridge venues and I'll come out to see you, even show you around town.

Arlon Bennett

June 5, 2008

Hey Annie,

Let's do another show together where we get a bit more time ;-) I like the duet idea too!

Bobbi Bongard

March 15, 2008

Hey Annie! You're lookin GREAT!!!


February 18, 2008

Hi .. I went to Cafe' Lena to see Chris Shaw. We were peasantly suprised to also see you. Chris was great but you left me wanting to here more... looks I'm getting the bug.

Helen and MiKe

February 3, 2008

To our neighbor Annie,
Thank you for creating a song for us entitled" In the Dark". It was a brilliant idea.You look gorgeous and your voice was unbelievably addictive to hear. We played it over and over again. We just realized how talented you are. Keep up the good work and lookind forward to seeing your future shows. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Helen & Mike

Donnatella Craig

October 31, 2007

Hello Annie!! I am so proud to know you. I think your music is great! Like I said, I can't wait to see on the TV and say... "I know her!!" and.... then everyone else say... "Sure you do!!"

Paul Bodden

September 4, 2007

Hey Annie, love your website and glad to see you are back (or still) on the performing/songwriting/recording trail! Best and warmest wishes! Paul

Tony in Boston

June 29, 2007

Hello, darling! -- I just bought your CD on CD Baby, which I didn't even know was out! David is coming up to Boston for the weekend and he told me how much you have been doing and all of the accolades. Congrats big time! Love you - Tony

Rex Benincasa

June 17, 2007

Thanks for keeping me up to date on your most recent work. You've always been a great writer and performer. Some of my most musical experiences have been on stage with you. Love, Rex

Allen Halber

June 13, 2007

Please say "hello" to Helene Blue for me.