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Annie's CDs

"Broken Cookies"

Annie's second CD was produced by Steve Addabbo (Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin). Released September 1, 2009.

Includes:  “If It Ain’t True (Then It Just Ain’t Love)”, “My Ex-Boyfriend”, “Broken Cookies”, “Egyptian Cotton”, “Different Now”, “In The Dark”, “One Planet At A Time”, “Big Dog”, “A King And A Hero”, “Stole My Soul”, “Talking With Absent Friends”, and “Shores Of Egypt”

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Annie's Lullabye EP: "Tucked Right Under My Heart"

Four fun lullabyes that won't put grown-ups to sleep! Annie's four song EP, produced and arranged by Jeff Olmsted, includes:

Includes:  "Perfect Day (Cool Stuff)" (Folk); "Sleep Loose" (Cool Jazz); "The Moon And I" (Bossa Nova); and "Tucked Right Under My Heart" (New Age)


Available in downloads--a great gift for baby, parents, grandparents, parents-to-be, and babies-to-be.

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Annie's debut CD, "1,001 American Nights"

Annie's debut indie CD was produced by Jeff Olmsted and Annie. Featuring the songs that won Annie the Abe Olman Award from Songwriters Hall of Fame:  "Single Woman" and "Magdalena, No". 

Includes:  “Scheherazhade”, “He Just Loves Her”, “Single Woman”, “Maybe, Maybe”, “Child In Me Again”, “Clip The Wings Of An Eagle”, “Same All Over”, “Loving Beyond My Means”, “Halo 'Round My Heart”, “Magdalena, No”, “The Lady Down The Hall”, “Greasy Spoon”, and “Love You Like You Are Today”

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