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Folk on Foul Rift - House Concert - May 15, 2011

Brian McCloskey took this photo of me on Sunday when I opened  a house concert for David Mallet at Folk on Foul Rift in Belvidere, NJ, in the beautiful Delaware Water Gap area. What a nice bunch of people--great audience and a lovely afternoon. Thanks, Brian.

Annie Dinerman at Folk on Foul Rift

I opened for David Mallett ("The Garden Song") who's a fine songwriter with a warm voice and a performing style that just draws you in.  The audience was really appreciative, and I had a wonderful time.  I've already been asked to return in 2012 and I hope I will!

Brian McCloskey took this photo of me on Sunday when I opened for David Mallet at Folk on Foul Rift in Belvidere, NJ. What a nice bunch of people--great audience and a lovely afternoon. Thanks, Brian.

May 8th - Hear Annie's songs on KZUM - May 6, 2011

This Sunday, May 8th at 11am, Annie's music will be featured on The Wimmin’s Show on KZUM 89.3FM Radio out of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Host Deb Andersen will start off the program with two tracks from Annie's "Broken Cookies" CD, "Talking With Absent Friends" and "If It Ain't True."  The show will end with Carole King's "You've Got A Friend".  (Sounds like some pretty high-concept planning.)  Deb feels that Annie's voice and writing remind her of Carole King.  (We've heard it before and it's always a great compliment.) 

The Wimmin's Show airs from 11am-1pm every Sunday on KZUM 89.3FM.  CLICK HERE to listen to a streaming live broadcast.  You'll find the broadcast player on the right side of your screen.

THANKS, DEB!  And thanks to you, too--we adore you for listening!

Special Guest: Cordelia Stephens at Banjo Jim's - April 27, 2011

British songwriter Cordelia Stephens has just confirmed that she will be Annie's Special Guest at two upcoming shows: June 9th and June 23rd, both at 7PM, at Banjo Jim's.  Cordelia Stephens' folk-rock style is influenced by the work of Bonnie Raitt, Gillian Welch and Aimee Mann. Her voice is strong and open-hearted, and her inventive lyrics explore the contradictions of modern life and love.

Drinks are very affordable, and there's a great selection of beers. NO COVER (Yes Tips). Please join us at New York's classiest folk dive. Catching dinner on the run?  There's great cheap Chinese and terrific pizza right next door to the bar. 700 East 9th Street, corner of Ave. C (easy to get there:  take M14D bus from Union Square and get off at 13th Street and Ave C)

Hear "My Goodness!" from Ali Hoffman's "Not Gonna Beg" EP - April 20, 2011

"My Goodness!", a new song by Annie Dinerman and Arlon Bennett, has been recorded by Ali Hoffman for her forthcoming EP, "Not Gonna Beg," soon to be released on Wing Court Records.  CLICK HERE to hear "My Goodness!" and get a peek at the gorgeous cover art.

We're proud to share more news about Annie's collaborator:  Arlon Bennett has just been selected as a New Folk finalist for this year's Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas.  Well done, Arlon!

Special Guests: Wool & Grant, May 20th at Banjo Jim's - April 2, 2011

Annie's next show at Banjo Jim's is on Friday, May 20th at 7PM.  Wool&Grant have just confirmed that they will appear as Annie's Special Guests at this show. Wool&Grant are two veteran singer/songwriters with a mutual passion for songs, stories, harmonies and guitars. (CLICK HERE for more information.)

Wool & Grant onstage

Bev Grant
and Ina May Wool create a musical alchemy of fire and feistiness, wisdom and wit, rocking clear- eyed political songs along with a window  on to their travels -- on the road and around the heart. 
If you're planning on being in New York on May 20th, won't you join us?  No cover (yes tips).

Finalist - Great American Song Contest - March 30, 2011

Annie's song "My Ex-Boyfriend," from her BROKEN COOKIES CD, has been selected as a finalist for the 2010 Great American Song Contest in the Pop Adult Contemporary category.  GASC judges selected 100 Finalists from over 1600 songwriters living in 45 countries worldwide.

"My Ex-Boyfriend" also received Honorable Mention in the 2010 Billboard Songwriting Contest.  The song is a favorite with DJs who play Annie's CD on their radio programs.

CLICK THE LINKS to hear "My Ex-Boyfriend" at or


"My Goodness!" - New song on forthcoming EP by Ali Hoffman - February 25, 2011

A new song called "My Goodness!", words and music by Arlon Bennett and Annie Dinerman, has been recorded by Ali Hoffman, a young, blue-eyed soul artist from Philadelphia, on her new EP for Wing Court Records.

The CD mastering (technical adjustments to maximize the recorded sounds) was completed today.  The producer tells us that the recording sessions went very well!  A release is planned for late March 2011.  Annie and Arlon are excited and can't wait to hear how the recording turns out.

New Christmas Song - February 20, 2011

Many people know that writing Christmas (and Chanukah and New Year's) songs is an annual project of mine. I've just completed a new Christmas song with Adam Levy.  We've just sent it to Nashville for a demo and I'm really excited.  Can't wait to hear the finished demo.

In July, I met Adam, a wonderful guitarist and singer-songwriter, at a festival in Huntington, Long Island, and we agreed we'd like to collaborate.  Adam tours a lot, so I have to catch him when he's in New York since he prefers to sit down and write in the same room.  In January, we met and I gave him a great Christmas song title.  What is it?!!  CLICK HERE to find out and hear the new song.  I've been hanging onto that title for about three years, just looking for the right collaborator. We wrote the lyrics then, and they went through some minor rewrites via email.  In early February, we wrote the music.  At last, we've sent a rough MP3, sheet music and a lyric sheet to the demo studio!

Adam Levy was in Norah Jones's Handsome Band when she recorded his song, "In The Morning."  She also covered "Love Me Tender" on Adam's CD; that recording can be heard on the movie soundtrack of "The Princess Diaries II".  If you don't already know his music, you can discover Adam Levy by clicking here.

NHPR - The Folk Show - January 23, 2011

Annie Dinerman was one of four songwriters interviewed on January 23, 2011 by Kate McNally on New Hampshire Public Radio.  To hear this segment of this broadcast (12 minutes), CLICK HERE, then CLICK LISTEN at the right of the photo.

The songwriters stopped off on their way home from a concert at Dartmouth College to sing in the studio, and to talk about music for social change.  Pictured from L-R are Erik Balkey, Eugene Ruffolo, Arlon Bennett and Annie Dinerman.  All four are past finalists of the Music2Life Songwriting Competition sponsored by Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul and Mary).

Kate McNally hosts The Folk Show, broadcasting and streaming on Sunday nights from 7 to 10 pm E.S.T.  The interview will air on Sunday, January 30, 2011.  To hear The Folk Show, CLICK HERE, THEN CLICK LISTEN.

Feinstein's at The Regency - January 15, 2011

Annie's just been booked to sing on February 21, 2011 at Feinstein's, the elegant, intimate nightclub that celebrates the work of American popular songwriters.  CLICK HERE for more information.   Monday nights are casual at Feinstein's and the menu is lighter.


"Earth And Sky" Fan Video by Estelle - December 30, 2010

A Pennsylvania student named Estelle liked Annie's environmental Christmas song, "Earth And Sky", so she learned it (and the chord progression in the bridge isn't so easy to follow), arranged it for ukelele and flute, and made a video of herself performing the song -- in a duet with herself!  Estelle and Annie hope you enjoy it.  Here it is: 

"Earth And Sky" on Satellite Radio - December 16, 2010

On Saturday, December 18, 2010, a few minutes before 10pm, Nancy LaMott's recording of Annie's environmental song, "Earth And Sky," will be featured on FOR YOUR EARS ONLY, the unique, fair, and far-ranging weekend news broadcast hosted and produced by veteran journalist/broadcaster David Alpern.  FOR YOUR EARS ONLY broadcasts weekly on to stations coast-to-coast and to U.S. military personnel in 177 nations via the Pentagon's American Forces Radio Network.  The program airs from 9-10pm E.S.T. on Saturday nights.  After December 18, 2010, CLICK HERE to hear this episode in the archive.

To hear/download Annie's recording of the song (with fun animal sound effects), CLICK HERE.

To find out more about Nancy LaMott's recording of Annie's song, CLICK HERE.

Eco-Blogged and Tweeted! Again!!! - December 12, 2010

“Earth And Sky,” Annie’s environmental Christmas song, was blogged on December 12th by Malini Goel, President and Founder of Global Green Pals.  An award-winning, eco-friendly educational toy company, Global Green Pals makes five innovative character dolls that raise awareness among children and adults about our environment.

Sounds like a fun holiday gift!  Order online before December 19th for delivery by Christmas.  Made with organic cotton, the dolls are stuffed with recycled plastic PET bottle stuffing and come with kid-friendly "eco-tips."  The Global Green Pals--Chet, Kate, Rani, Laurel, and Kyle—all love Annie’s song and they want you to know where you can download it.  They've also tweeted Annie's song at Twitter.

To read the blog and download the song, CLICK HERE.

To view the tweet, CLICK HERE.

To visit with the Global Green Pals, CLICK HERE.

"Earth And Sky" arranged for Chorus - November 1, 2010

Annie's environmental Christmas song, "Earth And Sky," is now available from Hal Leonard, arranged in calypso style for chorus or quartet.  CLICK HERE to view/buy the sheet music.  The song expresses the hope of children for a green planet now and always. 

"Earth And Sky" has been recorded by cabaret singer Nancy LaMott and by The Broadway Kids.  Performers on the popular Broadway Kids CD series include film actor Jessie Eisenberger ("The Social Network," "The Squid And The Whale") and Eden Reigel (star of ABC-TV's "All My Children").

Featured on Radio Crystal Blue Podcast - October 20, 2010

Annie's happy to be selected again by Dan Herman, veteran indie podcaster, for his Radio Crystal Blue podcast.  Dan produces the whole program, with input from P.R. agencies and record labels, choosing independent (not big label) music he loves to share with the world.  Dan included music from Annie's "Broken Cookies" CD in April 2010, and again in October 2010.  Thanks, Dan!


Folk Stars Strum for Love, Fun and Community - August 14, 2010

The Huntington Folk Festival was a relaxing day of fun, camaraderie and free music in a beautiful park, closing with a fine evening concert.

Huntington Folk Festival 2010 

Adam Levy, Gretchen Witt, Joe Iadanza, Stu Markus, Robin Greenstein and I were among the many area songwriters and musicians playing under the trees for groups listening on the grass or relaxing in folding chairs.  We entertained the crowds all day. The Festival closed with a wonderful concert by Vance Gilbert and Susan Werner.

Mark Underwood covered the news of the day at  “Annie Dinerman showed eco-cred when she played "One Planet at a Time." She handed out homemade shakers made of "garbage" – recycled plastic pill bottles filled with pistachio shells. She said she enjoyed playing the festival…”

CLICK HERE to read the full article.


PMN Summer Gathering in the Country - June 6, 2010

I had a weekend of fresh air, good food, fine people and wonderful music at the People's Music Network Summer Gathering.  The event was held at Epworth Camp and Retreat Center in High Falls, New York.  We all enjoyed three days of relaxation, workshops, concerts, making new friends and hanging out with old friends.  It was pretty much a no makeup zone, no bra zone, and often a no shoes zone, too.  Ahhhhhhhh.


(photo by Linda Meris)

The reason I look so happy is that I was spending time with good friends like singer-songwriter-choral director Bev Grant, and Diane Crowe, a folk DJ who has played my music on her radio show several times.  Also, everyone volunteers with event chores, and I got to help cook for over 100 people.  For me, that's heaven!  I also helped out at the CD table, where I made everyone laugh by saying, "We're making change for social music!"  Another fun thing was a song circle of parodies.  About 40 people went around the room, taking turns singing parodies of well-known songs.  I'd love to do that again sometime.  That's a great, old part of the folk music tradition.  Some were serious and political, others were frivolous and fun.  I sang my Passover version of the traditional Irish drinking song, The Jug Of Punch.  (email me at mail @ if you want the lyrics.)

The PMN members say it's a mystery as to why so many PMN people snore!  Yipes!  It was impossible for me to sleep but it didn't bother them.  So I dragged my mattress to the kitchen floor where I spent a blissful, quiet night alone with the hum of the refrigerator canceling out the sounds of snoring.  So much for your expensive white noise machines!

"Broken Cookies" gets rave in Sing Out! - June 1, 2010

Annie's "Broken Cookies" CD received a total rave from Jamie Anderson of Sing Out! Magazine.  It's quite an honor to be reviewed in the 60th Anniversary Edition of this venerable music magazine.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW.

Sing Out! was founded by Woodie Guthrie and his friends and colleagues, and later carried on Pete Seeger and Lee Hays of The Weavers, among many others.  To read about the history of Sing Out! Magazine, CLICK HERE

Critic Brings Friends to Annie's Show - May 29, 2010

In January, 2010, Karen Duda came to hear Annie sing at the American Folk Art Museum, and then gave Annie's "Broken Cookies" CD a wonderful review at  On Memorial Day weekend, she brought her friends to hear Annie sing at Gizzi's in the Village.


Pictured (L-R): Lauren Albert, Lynn Messina, Karen Duda, Annie Dinerman.

Thanks to John, co-owner of Gizzi's, for the photo!  Thanks to Lauren, Lynn and Karen for the cherry strudel and green tea. Yum! Thanks again to Karen for the CD review.

Monica Passin Sits In at Banjo Jim's - May 16, 2010

I'm a big fan of Rockabilly artist Monica Passin, who plays around NYC with her band, Li'l Mo and the Monicats, and heads out to regional gigs in Texas and other states every year.  Monica and I worked up an arrangement of "Walk Right Back," a Sonny Curtis tune that I just love.  It was recorded by the Everly Brothers.  Mo taught me a new strum and she sang lovely harmonies.  I had so much fun doing this song for the audience at Banjo Jim's. Jessy Dunn took this photo of Mo and me for you to see.

05-16-10 Annie Dinerman and Monica Passin at Banjo Jim's


Sydne Garchick, co-founder of, blogged on Annie's eco-song, "One Planet At A Time."  TO READ THE BLOG, CLICK HERE.  Blog includes a great photo of Annie with percussionist Rex Benincasa, who played "garbage" in the recording studio.

NEW MARTIN GUITAR - February 17, 2010

My beautiful, new Martin guitar has arrived!  It's smaller and sweeter sounding than the Martin dreadnought, a DC-16GTE, that I used to play.  A year ago, I told the good folks at Martin that I was recovering from a broken right elbow and needed a lightweight guitar that would be easier to carry to shows.  They kindly offered me the artist discount on a new guitar direct from the factory.  It arrived today and here's a first look at it!


It was fun having a big guitar for awhile!  I'm only 5 feet 4 inches tall and my hands are small, so this smaller guitar with a narrower neck is a much better fit for me.  And the dreadnought always sounded bright but brassy to me.  This new Aura has a lovely warm sound I am already in love with.  The top is spruce and the back and sides are Indian Rosewood.

It was really hard to wait a year to own this new guitar!  Times being what they are, I felt I had to sell the other guitar before buying the new one. Just when I thought I had a buyer, I discovered the dreadnought had been damaged. I went through the insurance thing and had it repaired.  Within 2 weeks, Dave Talvo bought it, right at the end of January, when I sang in the round robin at the People's Music Network Winter Event.  (READ ABOUT THIS SHOW in Annie's blog at myspace.)  Dave has already played the guitar onstage and says he loves it.  Dave sings with the Clearwater Walkabout Chorus, a vocal group that performs songs about the environment and the Hudson River, and they sing some toe-tappin' stuff, too.

I first learned to play on a vintage Martin New Yorker, a small "parlor" guitar which has pretty much spoiled me totally. Martin isn't making that model now, and I wouldn't install electronics in that guitar, so I had to hunt around and make a new choice. Last September when I sang at Bread and Jam Cafe in Cohoes, NY,  I visited Guitar Center in Albany and played a Martin 000C-16RGTE Aura.  I knew right away that I wanted to own one.  And now, I do!  I hope you'll come to hear me play it soon.  It's a sweetie.

BRITISH INVADE GREENWICH VILLAGE!!! (What decade IS this?!) - December 12, 2009

Annie shared the stage with three British songwriters, playing to a standing room crowd at Gizzi's, the coffee house and acoustic music hangout on 8th Street.

12-12-09 Gizzi's

(L-R) Edd Plant, Tommy Milsom, Annie, Alex Day

READ ABOUT THIS SHOW in Annie's blog at myspace.

MEET ME AT THE WALL - October 29, 2009

Mother got upset when you crayoned on the wall. But now, you've got permission from a former Vice President of the United States! Write on AL GORE'S WALL.  Join Al Gore's new project and add your voice to the call for a cleaner, safer planet.  What can you do?  Upload a photo or a video and add a few words.  Talk about ways to use less plastic or lower your carbon footprint, how you recycle, or the Clean Energy Jobs bill.  I've just posted at The Wall (and it's my birthday today).  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT I WROTE AT THE WALL.


My environmental song, "One Planet At A Time," was tweeted at Twitter by, where you'll find great ideas for managing your carbon footprint.  You can join for free and find out simple ways to conserve.


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